How To Make A Popcorn Box Out Of Cardboard

How To Make A Popcorn Box Out Of Cardboard

How to Make a Popcorn Box out of Cardboard

Are you tired of serving popcorn in regular plastic bags or plain cardboard boxes during your movie nights? Why not add a personal touch to your popcorn presentation by crafting your very own popcorn box out of cardboard? It’s a fun and creative DIY project that can make your movie nights even more enjoyable. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Materials You’ll Need

Before you start crafting your cardboard popcorn box, gather the following materials:

Cardboard Sheets

  • You can use old cardboard boxes or purchase sheets from a craft store.


  • Ensure they are sharp and easy to handle.


  • For precise measurements and straight lines.


  • To mark your cardboard before cutting.

Decorative Paper

  • Optional, for adding a unique touch.

Measure and Cut

Begin by measuring and cutting your cardboard into a rectangular shape. The dimensions will depend on the size of the popcorn box you want to create. As a reference, a standard popcorn box is approximately 7 inches tall, 4 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep. Adjust the dimensions accordingly.

Fold the Sides

Next, fold the cardboard along the longer sides to form a rectangular tube shape. Ensure the folded edges align perfectly for a neat finish. Secure the sides with glue or tape.

Create the Bottom

To create the bottom of the box, fold and secure one end of the rectangular tube. You can use glue or tape for this step as well. Make sure it’s tightly sealed to prevent any popcorn from escaping.

Add Flaps

Now, create flaps on the open end of the tube. These flaps will serve as the top of your popcorn box. Fold them inward and secure them with glue or tape.


This is where you can get creative. Cover your cardboard popcorn box with decorative paper, stickers, or paint. Personalize it to match the theme of your movie night or a special occasion.

Enjoy Your Popcorn

Once your cardboard popcorn box is decorated to your liking, it’s ready to use. Fill it with delicious popcorn, and enjoy your movie night with a unique homemade popcorn container.

By following these simple steps, you can easily craft your very own popcorn box out of cardboard. It’s a fun and eco-friendly way to enhance your movie-watching experience. So, gather your materials and start creating your custom popcorn boxes today!

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